Strange days have found us...but we will plow on and hammer away!

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Strange days have found us...but we will plow on and hammer away!

First off, Tera and I hope that you and yours are feeling hale & hearty as we all try our best to navigate and adjust to these extraordinary times.  This is clearly a difficult time for many.  For those of us who do 99% of our business on the road at art fairs and festivals, the lockdown has been devastating.  In response to this, we’re attempting to make a big pivot toward online and over-the-phone sales.  This website is an effort in that direction.  It’s a work-in-progress that offers an online store, up-to-date news about what’s on schedule for Alkahest Leather, and links to social media pages and articles.

Our chief product is our entirely customized moccasins.  To place an order, your-feet-in-our-hands has always been a requirement.  Given that this is impossible for the time being (however long that may be), we are making efforts to produce a video that will lay out all the steps for tape-casting a foot.  This will allow folks to do the castings at home and then mail them to us.  Most likely, we will be releasing this video on our eventual YouTube channel.  Stay tuned to find out more about this and possible Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaigns.

We’ve been at this leatherworking/shoemaking gig for almost 9 years now, and in that time we’ve developed and honed an array of quality products, generating a real fervor and appetite for what we do.  As well, we’ve met and befriended so many good-humored, artistic and wholehearted people along the winding show-road.  We are determined to do everything we can to adapt to these changing times and keep Alkahest Leather going.  We can’t tell you how much your ongoing support means to us…a big ol’ hat tip of gratitude to you!  With vigor in our steps and honey in our hearts, we’ll get through this together!

 All the best!

-Dustin & Tera

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