Founders and Co-creaters  Tera Ptacek & Dustins Lyons doing what they love~
Custom made footwear, hipbags, purses, necklaces, wrist wear
Our 3 pocket hipbag, fannypack, travel bag is essential for all occasions. We use a 6 to 8 oz bison or bullhide to create a durable, hardy, yet soft pouch that comfortably lays on your hips where ever you go.
Alkahest Leather creates your very own, personalized, custom made footwear by taking a casting of you foot.  From under the ankle, all the way to knee highs, we work with you and help create your ultimate footware~

Alkahest Leather

An array of Leatherworks~


Custom made footwear

Alkahest Leather~

Tera Ptacek and Dustin Lyons met in Alaska and fell in love in Guatemala after running into each other at the same Spanish school. Following 8 years of living in Alaska and traveling the world, they decided it was time to sink some roots in the ground.

Without jobs and nowhere to live they developed a passion for Renaissance-style moccasins and moved to Ashland, OR to learn the trade. Now, nearly a decade later, Alkahest Leather is a homespun outfit specializing in custom-made leather footwear, hip & shoulder bags, wrist-wear, and other accessories. All their footwear is entirely customized starting with a tape-cast of the foot. The couple’s other great passion is wilderness which brought them to Joseph, Oregon…the place they call home! When they’re not on the road doing shows, you can find them nestled in the mountains, hammering away in their little shop in the woods.