Custom made footwear, hipbags, purses, necklaces, wrist wear
Our 3 pocket hipbag, fannypack, travel bag is essential for all occasions. We use a 6 to 8 oz bison or bullhide to create a durable, hardy, yet soft pouch that comfortably lays on your hips where ever you go.
Alkahest Leather creates your very own, personalized, custom made footwear by taking a casting of you foot.  From under the ankle, all the way to knee highs, we work with you and help create your ultimate footware~

Alkahest Leather

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Custom made footwear

Custom made footwear, hipbags, purses, necklaces, wrist wear

Alkahest Leather~

Alkahest Leather is a homespun one-man show specializing in custom-made leather footwear, hip & shoulder bags, and other accessories. Each pair of shoes/boots is entirely customized starting with a tape-cast of the foot. You choose your colors, buttons, soles, etc.

My other great passion is for wild places. This led me to Joseph, Oregon, where I make my home and run my business on a couple of uncombed acres! When I'm not on the road doing shows, you can find me nestled in the mountains, hammering away in my little shop in the woods.