Ordering Footwear

*Contact me to come by my workshop at the base of Chief Joseph Mountain!

*Alongside various shows throughout the year, I've been hitting the road from time to time on what I've been calling "Casting Tours". Check out my social media pages or contact me to find out more about this option...I just may be in your neck of the woods soon! 

Please read through the entirety of this section and then contact me before proceeding to the first step of placing an order.  Thank you!

Alkahest shoes/boots are entirely customized starting with a tape-casting of your foot/feet.  You choose the colors, buttons, soles, design, etc.  The number of buttons determines the height and the price of the shoe/boot.  This price may go up depending on your choice of design, buttons, etc.


1 BUTTON $375        *top-line below the ankle bones

2 BUTTON $450        *top-line just above the ankle bones

3 BUTTON $525        *6-1/4 to 6-1/2" from the floor

4 BUTTON $600        *7-1/2 to 7-3/4" from the floor

5 BUTTON $675        *8-3/4 to 9-1/4" from the floor

6 BUTTON $750        *10 to 11" from the floor

7 BUTTON $825        *12 to 13" from the floor

8 BUTTON $900        *14-1/2 to 15" from the floor


For footwear, it simply doesn't get more customized and healthful than this.  As opposed to conventional "lasted" shoes, which constrain the foot in a generic cavity, my footwear fits more like a second skin--molding to the feet and allowing them to move, behave and operate as they are designed to.

Though I prefer to have your feet in my hands for the tape-casting procedure it is possible to cast your foot at home and send it to me.  *Keep in mind that you'll have to have a friend or family member cast your foot...you cannot do it alone* If you're interested in this option you'll need the following instruments and materials:

1) a cutting mat or some other smooth, flat cutting surface

2) 2 pieces of unmarked printer paper, legal size for larger feet

3) 1 piece of heavy grade cardstock (a heavy grade file folder can work as well), large enough to trace the foot on

4) 1 golfer's pencil (no longer than 3") for tracing the feet

5) 1 regular length pencil for "beautifying" the footprint

6) 1 red or colored pencil for tracing the instep/arch

7) 1 black Sharpie marker

8) 1 or 2 knee high nylons or a similar thin sock (be aware, you will be cutting through these)

9) Duck/Duct tape: not all duck tapes are created equal.  Many brands and grades will not work great for this.  Please use ACE All-Purpose Duck Tape or 3M All-Purpose Duct Tape

10) a sewing tape or some other measuring tape

11) A pair of sharp, blunt-nosed scissors.  Casting-scissors and a lip-knife are ideal but most households won't have these

12) Talcum/Baby Powder


*Part 1 of the Tape-Casting video will lead you through Step 1 of the procedure, "Creating the Footprint".  This is the most important step of the whole process.  Before moving on to Part 2 of the video--which contains Steps 2-5--you'll need to either text or email me a picture of your "beautified" footprint for review.  Because I use a hardy but soft 6-8oz bullhide or bison, my footwear will mold to the foot.  But, if your "beautified" footprint sucks in too much at the instep or doesn't properly account for a bunion or other such protuberance, the shoes/boots may not fit right.  I know what to look for, and can nip a problem in the bud before it's too late.






 After getting the thumbs up on your "beautified" footprint, taping the foot/feet, and removing and powdering the cast, you'll need to acquire a mailing box that gives ample room for the cast so that it does not get crushed.  I almost exclusively use USPS for shipping.  For a smaller cast I recommend Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A.  And for a larger cast, Priority Mail Shoe Box.  It really doesn't matter if you use these or another box, I just need to make sure that the cast doesn't show up as an irrevocable ball of panty hose and duck tape!

As for deciding on your colors, buttons, sole, etc, currently, the best way to do this is to look at pictures here on this website or go to my social media pages where you'll see even more.  Eventually, I'll have a system here online that will allow you to more easily pick through the options.  Please don't hesitate to call, text, or email me with any questions you may have.

Also, if you have any feedback on these videos or anything you think is missing here in the "Ordering Footwear" section of my website, again, please don't hesitate to let me know.

All the best...and happy casting!

-Dustin Lyons