Currently, our list of accessories includes: adjustable concho necklaces; mason jar cup holders; leather belt-carabiners or "celtic frogs"; mystery braid bracelets with concho snap; and our swing clasp or locket pouches.

Concho necklaces: we use Quicksilver Mint conchos made with a 19th century manual press-machine.  They come in many different designs.

Leather belt-carabiners (Celtic Frogs): these are meant to be worn on a belt to attach keys, a mug, etc.  They are made with Celtic concho snaps.

Mystery braid bracelets: where does the braid begin or end?? These bracelets are made of bullhide and a Celtic concho snap.

Pouches: the small pocket or purse pouches can be used for a variety of purposes: as a wallet, to protect keepsakes, etc.  They close with a swing-clasp or locket-clasp.