Custom Footwear

Our moccasins are entirely customized starting with a casting of your foot/feet; meaning, we must have your feet in hand to complete an order (*We have just launched a 2 part instructional video on'll find it under the "Ordering Footwear" section of this website).  You choose the colors, buttons, soles, design, etc.  The number of buttons determines the height and the price of the moccasin.  This price may go up depending on your design, buttons, etc  selections.  The 1 button (topline below the ankle bones) begins at $350; 2 button (topline just above the ankle bones) $425; 3 button $500; 4 button $575; 5 button $650 and so on ($75 per button of height; knee highs are usually between 8-10 buttons).  Half down will lock you into a completion date on our waitlist (usually between 4-10 months out).  We settle up at the end and then we mail you your footwear. Please send us a message if you have any other questions.  *For pictures of many more moccasins go to or