Mexican Crazy Lace Agate Hip Bag

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This sporran-style hip bag was designed and created in Joseph, Oregon. Made with lizard, tobacco and black cowhide and inlaid with Mexican Crazy Lace Agate. Our products are incredibly comfortable, hands free, and universal. Unisex, everyday wear, doing errands, hiking mountains, going out on the town, festivals, or traveling the world...

We design our hip belts with 3 pockets that allow for ample storage/carrying space. . The front has 1 big interior zipper pocket and 1 external snap/clasp pocket. On the backside we added a hidden interior zipper pocket that is great for stashing travel money or secret documents! Made with Antique brass clasp.

Buckle: Black roller buckle 1 1/2" The belt size fits small, medium and large. We can make the bag to your dimensions. Typical size we make Fits 29" to 38" waist. This soft and durable leather conforms nicely to any size body. (keep in mind that the belt will stretch an inch or two over time).

Measurements:  Whole bag~ 8" Height 7" Width Opening front flap pocket~ 5"wide, 5" deep Large front zipper pocket~ 6" wide , 7 1/2" deep- Pocket on back~ 6" wide, 7" deep.

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Alongside these goodies, we also make custom Renaissance-style Moccasins/ button all the way up to knee highs! Come check us out!